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Auto-surfing for Cash - sites that pay you a percentage of your account level each day that you surf a set amount of sites.
All of these sites are free to join and upgrading is optional - start small if your nervous, I am currently active in all of them (and making real cash everyday)
*Remember - as with anything in life, there are risks involved here - don't put all of your money into one site and do not invest more than you could afford to lose*

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What is this Auto Surfing and do I have to pay out of my own pocket?

  • Auto Surfing Concept
  • Why would someone spend time to Auto Surfing?
  • Earning cash from Auto Surfing programs
  • Auto Surfing programs themself about their profit
  • Risk
  • More on Auto Surfing program's concept Paying out of my own pocket?
  •  Glossary of Auto Surfing terms

  Hardware/Software requirements and Protection from the bad side of the internet

  • Hardware requirements
  • Software requirements
  • Protection from the bad side of the Internet

       Payment Processors

       Auto Surfing site information (Only Best Programs)

       Crash Course to Auto Surfing



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